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Wedding hairstyles service

We're here for your best moments

For these exceptional wedding hairstyles, destined to symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in your life, the expert stylists at Cam & Roro are dedicated to enhancing your beauty, preparing you to radiate on your special day.

Preparation for wedding hairstyles

As experts in style and beauty, we deeply understand the importance of paying attention to every detail. That's why we offer trial hairstyling sessions, ensuring we are meticulous in our work to guarantee that your hairstyle is absolutely perfect for the most significant day of your life.

We are committed to advising you in advance on choosing the ideal hairstyle that highlights your natural beauty and respects your unique personality, while ensuring it harmonizes perfectly with your dress, makeup, and accessories.


Benefits of event hairstyling services

Feeling good starts with looking sensational with our exclusive event hairstyling service.

  • Customized hairstyles designed for you to stand out at your event.

  • At-home wedding hairstyles for your convenience

  • We ensure the hairstyle holds and remains resilient for long hours.

  • Special attention is given to details to ensure perfect harmony with your makeup, dress, and accessories

  • As professionals, we are flexible and able to adapt to last-minute changes or necessary adjustments


Wedding hairstyles service for guests

Looking for a complete experience? We offer exceptional value solutions with our wedding hairstyles service for guests, aware that this transcendent date is important not only for the protagonists but also for family members and guests who also wish to look special on this day.

Wedding hairstyles rates

Shine with evening hairstyles for your special occasions

We master a varied range of hairstyles, from soft, captivating waves to elegant, refined updos. Our evening hairstyles are designed to enhance your look and ensure you shine in the spotlight at your event.

Request our service for events such as:

  • Graduations

  • Gala event hairstyling

  • Corporate events

  • Award ceremonies

  • Birthday parties

  • Theme parties

  • Trade shows and exhibitions

  • Photo shoots


Hairstyling for special events at home

Our at-home hairstyling service is designed for those who can't make it to our salon, offering our expertise at hotels, private homes, or businesses.

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