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Haircuts for Men

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By appointment

At our salon, we excel in the diversity and personalization of haircuts for men, boldly revisiting classic styles and constantly innovating.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to take care of your haircuts for men and go beyond, providing you with advice on choosing the ideal cut and teaching you styling techniques to keep your look at the top.

Complete barber and haircuts for men services

Each stylist at Cam & Roro excels at creating unique looks tailored to your personality. Discover our complete services at incredible prices.


Includes washing, scalp massage, styling, and a precise cut.


Beard trim and shave:

We ensure a precise and gentle shave, paying special attention to sensitive areas of the skin while adapting to the specific needs of each client.


Hairstyling and cutting advice:

Benefit from personalized advice from our professionals for choosing styles, colors, and care that suit your personality.

Haircuts for men recommendations

At our salon, we place great importance on our clients' preferences by carefully listening to their needs. We are committed to advising them in their quest for the ideal cut, perfectly suited to their unique personality. At the same time, our team remains constantly informed of the latest style trends. Thus, we are able to recommend fashionable cuts that meet our clients' expectations and reflect current evolutions in the world of hairstyling.


The Pompadour:

Combines impressive volume on top with shorter sides. Perfect for those who want to combine elegance and boldness.


The Textured Crop:

With its short, textured strands, the textured crop offers a modern, easy-to-maintain look. Perfect for a casual yet polished style.

Find your style


The Messy Quiff:

The Messy Quiff combines volume and casualness, ideal for those seeking a sophisticated style while maintaining an effortless appearance.

Style tips for haircuts for men

When styling your haircuts for men, our stylists take into account two important points:

Face Types

  • Round face

  • Square face

  • Oval face

  • Long face

Hair Type

  • Fine hair

  • Thick hair

  • Curly hair

Problems with your hair?

Benefits of our barber service

We have everything for you

  • Professionalism and expertise

  • Personalized services

  • Welcoming atmosphere

  • Diversity of services

  • High-quality products

  • Expert style advice

  • Special seasonal or loyal customer promotions

  • Participation in local events and charity programs

  • Constant innovation in trends and technologies


Haircuts for men promotions

Offers for regular clients

Are you one of our regular clients and would you like to be informed of our exclusive offers? Sign up here to receive our promotions and enjoy the exceptional experience offered by the best haircuts for men in Montreal: Cam & Roro.

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