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We enhance your beauty

Whether you're a professional seeking a polished image, a woman wanting to stand out for an evening, or simply fashion and style enthusiasts looking to shine with event hairstyles, at Cam & Roro, we adapt our artistic work to highlight your natural beauty.

Explore our exclusive selection of talented stylists, we are a hair salon for women, for men, and inspiring looks specially designed for the younger ones. With us, every family member can find the perfect hairstyle that reflects their unique style.









By appointment






By appointment


Hairstyling services at Cam & Roro

Cam & Roro invites you to express your unique style and personality through your hair. We're here to enhance your hair with refined and trendy hairstyles, whether for a radical change or to achieve the look you've always dreamed of.


Women's hairstyles

Women's hairstyles offer considerable diversity, highlighting facial features, facilitating daily management, and reflecting the individuality of each woman.


Men's hairstyles

Men's hairstyles have evolved beyond the traditional cut. A good men's hairstyle must balance fashion and functionality, adapting to both professional environments and more casual styles.


Children's hairstyles

Children's hairstyles at our salon combine practicality, comfort, and expression of their personality. Our hairstylists are experts in creating styles that simplify daily life and are easily maintained.

Dream styles for hairstyles

  • Short hairstyles for practicality and style

  • Long hairstyles to enjoy versatility

  • Curly hairstyles that celebrate the natural beauty of curls

  • Straight hairstyles with softness and clean lines

  • Asymmetric hairstyles with uneven cuts or layers

  • Hairstyles with bangs that frame the face

  • Elegant express hairstyles

  • Unique and elaborate braids and weaves


Advanced hairstyling techniques

With our techniques, we can fulfill the wishes of each client.

  • Voluminous styles

  • Smoothing styles

  • Styles with natural waves

Care and style tips

Our stylists are ready to offer personalized advice on how to take care of women's haircuts, including recommendations for specific products and hairstyling techniques to maintain hair health and keep the style fresh until the next visit.

Promotions on unique hairstyles

Offers for regular clients

Are you one of our regular clients and want to know about our offers? Sign up here to send you our offers and enjoy the full experience of the best hair salon in Montreal: Cam & Roro.

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