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Haircuts for women

Highlight your beauty

At Cam & Roro, we place utmost importance on haircuts for women, applying cutting-edge cutting and styling methods. Our haircut service is distinguished by a meticulously personalized approach and unparalleled mastery, ensuring an unforgettable experience and exceptional results.









By appointment






By appointment

Haircuts for women styles

We offer a wide range of haircuts to satisfy the diverse preferences and styles of our clients.

  • Standard short, medium, or long cuts

  • Light or pronounced layered cuts

  • Soft or pronounced tapered cuts

  • Subtle or extreme asymmetrical cuts

  • Classic bob cut or long bob cut

  • Fringe cut

Haircuts for women process

At Cam & Roro, haircuts for women are performed with care and expertise to ensure results that exceed our clients' expectations, offering an exceptional experience with every visit.

  1. Initial consultation to understand each lady's needs, desires, and lifestyle.

  2. Washing and preparation with products specific to her hair type and condition.

  3. Selection of the cut style that suits the face shape, hair type, and personal preferences of the client.

  4. Professional haircut

  5. Detailing and personalization with texturizing or thinning

  6. Final drying and styling 

Style tips for haircuts for women

To ensure your satisfaction with your haircut for women, we also conduct an analysis during the initial consultation, taking into account various factors:

Face Types

  • Round face

  • Square face

  • Oval face

  • Long face


Hair Type

  • Fine hair

  • Thick hair

  • Curly hair


Hair Problems

  • Dry hair

  • Frizzy hair

  • Oily hair

  • Hair loss

  • And more


Hair maintenance and care tips

Our stylists are ready to offer personalized advice on how to take care of your haircuts for women, including recommendations for specific products and styling techniques to keep your hair healthy and your style fresh until your next visit.

Benefits of haircuts for women at Cam & Roro

Superior quality and attention to detail to enhance your style

  • Professionalism and expertise

  • Personalized services

  • Salon with a welcoming ambiance

  • Diversity of services

  • High-quality products

  • Expert style advice

  • Special seasonal or loyal customer promotions

  • Participation in local events and charity programs

  • Constant innovation in trends and technologies

Haircuts for women promotions

Offers for regular clients

Are you one of our regular clients and want to know about our offers? Sign up here to send you our offers and enjoy the full experience of the best hair salon in Montreal: Cam & Roro.

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