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Pet Grooming for
Companion Animals

We value your pet as much as you do

We offer our clients high-end pet grooming services and ensure exceptional care for their precious four-legged companions. Why bother running between a hair salon and a pet grooming salon? At Cam & Roro, everything is grouped in one place!

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Within a space designed for animals and their owners, we pamper our clients and their four-legged companions, offering a comprehensive beauty experience in one location. We are happy to offer exceptional pet grooming services, including care for cats and dogs, in our salon.

Hours of Operation:


By appointment
By appointment

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Dog Grooming Services

In our canine pet grooming salon, we are driven by a passion for pet grooming and we are committed to providing your dog with the best possible care, with all the love and affection it deserves. Our talented dog groomers offer a wide range of services for your loyal companion.

Thanks to our superior quality canine pet grooming services, your dog will have a remarkable appearance and well-being.

Dog Stylist Services

  • Nail clipping

  • Full or partial grooming

  • Summer cut for long-haired dogs

  • Grooming specific areas as needed

  • Breed-specific stylized haircut

  • Creative dog hairstyles

  • Non-toxic hair dyes for a unique look

  • Breed-specific pet grooming

  • Advice on breed-specific care

  • Clipping dog nails

  • Dog hair dye options

  • Temporary dyes for fun looks

Dog Grooming Services

  • Full dog baths

  • Brushing and detangling

  • Ear cleaning

  • Dental care (tooth brushing, use of dental products)

  • Paw pad care

  • Brushing dog's teeth

  • Trimming hair between paw pads

  • Checking and caring for paw pads

  • Shampoos according to coat type

  • Care for sensitive skin

  • Treatment for dry skin

Cat Grooming Services

At Cam&Roro, we adore cats and we recognize that each cat is unique, deserving special care to feel comfortable and safe. Our feline pet grooming specialists offer a wide range of services tailored to your companion's needs.

Thanks to our cat care services, your feline will have an impeccable coat and will feel refreshed.

Cat Stylist Services

  • Nail clipping.

  • Grooming specific areas as needed.

  • Breed-specific pet grooming.

  • Advice on breed-specific care.

  • Cat hair dye options.

  • Temporary dyes for fun looks.

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Dog Grooming Services

  • Full cat baths.

  • Brushing and detangling cat fur.

  • Ear cleaning.

  • Dental care (tooth brushing, use of dental products).

  • Paw pad care.

  • Nail clipping.

  • Shampoos according to coat type.

  • Care for sensitive skin.

  • Treatment for dry skin.

Our Talented Pet Groomers

In our pet grooming salon for companion animals, we have an exceptional team of highly qualified and passionate groomers. Whether for your dog or your cat, a dedicated groomer will always be available to meet your companion's needs.
With years of experience, our pet groomers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in pet grooming. Their dedication and skill ensure that each animal receives the best possible care.

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Exclusive Benefits of Pet Grooming

By choosing Cam & Roro for your pet, you and your loyal companion will benefit from exceptional advantages.

  • Ease of scheduling appointments for you and your pet, all in one place.

  • Save time by combining hair salon and grooming services

  • Complete wellness experience for you and your pet

  • Complementary services and expert advice from our pet groomers

  • Special offers and exclusive promotions

  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere.

At Cam&Roro, we are committed to providing the best pet grooming care, using superior quality products and innovative techniques. The safety and comfort of your four-legged companion is our top priority in every grooming service, whether for cats or dogs.


Premium pet grooming services for our clients and their four-legged companions.

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Find out what our clients think of our pet grooming service by reading their reviews.

(Google Testimonials)

“Thank you for this beautiful cut. I needed it. I tried 3 different groomers who refuse to cut me because of my reactions when I'm anxious. I'm a rather complicated dog, thanks to you I was finally able to have a beautiful cut, you managed to put me at ease, thank you again!”

Yasmine B

Java, our little cocker spaniel, has been groomed by Magalie for almost 2 years. She is super excited to go back each time and so are we! We are always very happy with the result and knowing she is in good hands reassures us. The reception is warm and Camille and her little dog Roro as well as all the employees are adorable. I can only recommend it.

Caroline Vasile

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are pet grooming services?
    Pet grooming services cover a wide range of hygiene and aesthetic care for your pet. These can include baths, haircuts, brushing, detangling, nail clipping, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, and much more. At Cam&Roro, we offer specialized pet grooming services for dogs and cats tailored to the specific needs of each breed and pet type.
  • How much does pet grooming cost?
    The cost of pet grooming services varies depending on the size of your pet, the condition of its coat, and the specific services requested. Our pet grooming prices for dogs and cats are competitive and reflect the superior quality of our services. We recommend contacting us directly for a personalized quote based on your pet's needs.
  • How long does pet grooming take?
    The duration of a pet grooming session depends on the size of your pet, the condition of its coat, and the services requested. In general, a complete grooming session for dogs or cats can take between 1 and 3 hours. However, we do our best to work efficiently without compromising the quality of service or your pet's comfort. We also recommend taking advantage of our hairstyling services for clients while we provide services to your furry friend.
  • Will you sedate my pet?
    At Cam&Roro, we do not sedate pets during pet grooming services. Our dog and cat pet grooming experts are trained in gentle handling techniques and use positive methods to ensure your pet feels comfortable and secure throughout the process. If your pet has anxiety or aggression issues, we recommend mentioning this when making an appointment so that we can take the necessary measures and provide the best possible experience.

Promotions on Unique Hairstyles


Offers for regular clients

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