Solution 3 in 1 for cats 5 years old and older, 50g

Solution 3 in 1 for cats 5 years old and older, 50g

The Baci Plus 3 in 1 Solution product for cats is specifically formulated for your cat of five years or older. It focuses on four aspects of your aging cat’s health such as: skin and dermis health, joint lubrication and flexibility, intestinal health and powerful anti-aging agent. To target these four aspects, we use three natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, pre-probiotics and a resveratrol antioxidant. Easy to use, simply spread the product directly on your cat’s food. This bag contains 50g.

  • Ingredients

    Dehydrated culture of Bacillus probiotics, Pharmaceutical-grade prebiotic fibre, Mucopolysaccharide ( natural hyaluronic acid), Trans-resveratrol 99%, micronized, 


    Guaranteed analysis per gram:
    20 mg trans-resveratrol 99%
    1 billion CFU Bacillus

  • Guides & Ressources

    Daily serving

    Body weight

    Teaspoon (3 g)

    6 kg - 10 kg : 1/4 - 1/2

    > 11 kg : 3/4

  • Specifications

    SKU 1023298

    Weight 50 g

    Height 15.00 cm

    Width 10.00 cm

    Length 4.00 cm

    Manufacturing country Canada

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