Hairball remedy paste

Hairball remedy paste

Balanced 100% natural formula made with functional premium-quality ingredients that promotes a healty, silky coat. Effective, clinically-proven product. No added artificial flavours (does not affect cat’s food consumption). No petroleum by-products. Reduces hair loss and helps prevent and evacuate hairballs. Easy to administer to your cat and measure .

  • Ingredients

    Cold-pressed flaxseed oil, dried egg yolk, digestive enzymes, zeolite, potassium sorbate.


    Active ingredients per g: 

    Linoleic acid (Omega 3) 310 mg, 

    Linoleic acid  (Omega 6) 80 mg, 

    Oleic acid (Omega9) 110 mg, 

    Cellulase 500 units, 

    Protease  500 units, 

    Vitamin E 500 mg

  • Guides & Ressources

    For cats 6 months and older                                                                                                                                                       

    Give 1 gram per day for 7 days.

    Then give 1 gram once or twice a week to maintain a healthy,silky coat.

    Mix in your cat’s food or apply  on front paws or at the tip of the nose.

    Make sure your cat has plenty of water.

  • Specifications

    SKU 1025271

    Weight 30 g

    Height 28.00 cm

    Width 28.00 cm

    Length 2.00 cm

    Manufacturing country Canada

    Specific care Hairballs

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