Buco+ Oral Health for Small Dogs and Cats

Buco+ Oral Health for Small Dogs and Cats

Buco+ helps to prevent and reduce: tartar, plaque and bad breath in dogs and cats.

Buco+ is a product that is highly specific to the gingipain enzyme (a protease that damages tooth cavities and reduces natural oral defences). This very fast-acting product is natural, safe, has no aftertaste and is simple to use.

- For small dogs and cats up to 15 kg.
- 6 months and more
- 56 1 g pouches

  • Ingredients

    Ovo protein (egg yolk), pharmaceutical-grade prebiotic fiber, FRT BSNI-strain Bacillus subtilis

  • Guides & Ressources

    The buco+ pouch must be mixed with the total amount of daily food, as it must be ingested with every bite.

    Add one pouch per day to your pet's food. First results after 28 days. Better results after 35 days. Maximum results after 56 days. Use twice a week after the 56-day period for maximum maintenance of oral health.

  • Specifications

    SKU :1034744

    Weight: 56 g

    Height: 5.00 cm

    Width :13.00 cm

    Length: 20.00 cm

    Manufacturing country : Canada

    Specific care: Dental Care

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