Buco+ Oral Health for dogs, 150mg

Buco+ Oral Health for dogs, 150mg

Buco+ helps prevent and reduce tartar, plaque and bad breath for dogs.

Buco+ is made to specifically target the Gingipain enzyme (Gingipain damages tooth cavities and neutralizes the mouth’s natural defences). It is quick-acting, natural, safe, with no aftertaste and easy to use.

  • Ingredients

    Ovo protein (egg yolk), pharmaceutical-grade prebiotic fiber, FRT BSNI-strain Bacillus subtilis

  • Guides & Ressources

    Recommended for dogs more than 15 kg (6 months and up)

    IMPORTANT: The contents of the buco+ pouch have to be evenly mixed with the animal’s total daily food, as it needs to be ingested with every bite.

    Add 1 pouch of buco+ per day to your pet’s food. First results after 28 days. Superior results after 35 days. Optimal results after 56 days. Use twice a week after the 56-day period to maintain optimal oral health.

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    Manufacturing country: Canada

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